Let’s get the truth out there – all of it

As someone who’s been chomping at the bit for years, hoping and praying for full disclosure, I fully support helping the masses better understand what’s really going on. We all know the average person is going to require a boatload of proof before they wake up – and it’s up to the more awakened people on the planet to make that proof accessible.

I think it’s also important to address the fact that many folks still trust their government and elected officials. It will be important to tread gently in this area as it could send many people into violent convulsions when they realize just what economic slaves we truly are. It’s vital to not just present the problem, but to also propose a workable solution that gives everyone reason for hope.

To that end, whistleblower Corey Goode (you may have seen him on Gaia) and the Full Disclosure Project folks have put together an impressive site – www.truedisclosure.org – to educate people about the secret space program, suppressed technologies and much more.

If you aren’t familiar with Corey, you can find out more on Sphere-Being Alliance, his website. The site was launched and new content is being added all the time, so check back frequently.

FireShot Screen Capture #021 - 'True Disclosure' - www_truedisclosure_org (2)
Learn more about hidden truths at www.truedisclosure.org.

But Goode isn’t the only one on the front lines. I also applaud Steven Greer on his unrelenting efforts to push the disclosure issue through film. First, with Sirius and now with his latest project, Unacknowledged, which is about the top-secret government programs associated with the ET/UFO issue. To learn more about Greer’s latest project, visit http://fundraising.siriusdisclosure.com/.

Here’s a look at the trailer for the upcoming documentary. I can’t wait to see it!

Another person I keep up with regularly is Cobra at 2012portal.blogspot.com. I admire his vast knowledge on a wide range of spiritual topics such as ascension. I was skeptical at first, but after listening to more and more of his information, I found that I really resonated with a lot of it.

Even though I may not completely agree with everything these three guys put out, I believe there’s a great deal of truth in their information. As always, it’s imperative to use your own spiritual discernment and intuition.

Of course, there are hundreds, if not thousands of other people working toward full disclosure. The simple truth is, every awakened person has the opportunity to do his or her part – when, where and however they can. If we can all help just one person wake up – just one – the world as we know it would be transformed in the twinkling of an eye.

Think about it.

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