How emotion changes the look of your tears

This is a fascinating look at how the appearance of your tears can change based upon how you’re feeling when you cry, whether they’re tears of joy or tears of anguish. Follow Rose-Lynn Fisher on her journey to discover how this affects the appearance of our tears.

Looking at tears under a microscope reveals this shocking fact

It’s not something the average person ponders. Have you ever thought, “Hmm, I wonder if all tears are the same?” Are tears of joy the same as tears of sorrow? That’s exactly what Rose-Lynn Fisher wanted to find out, and find out she did.

Using a microscope, Fisher observed 100 different samples of tears.  Her discovery? Basal tears, the ones that are used solely for lubrication, are entirely different than the tears we shed while cutting onions; just as the tears that come from laughing are drastically different than tears of grief.

Fisher’s project, called The Topography of Tears, discovered that almost every tear we shed carries with it a tiny bit of human experience.

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Source: Looking at Tears Under a Microscope Reveals This Shocking Fact – Expanded Consciousness

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