4 legal hallucinogenic herbs with healing powers

I believe there’s a place in the spiritual community for hallucinogenic herbs when they’re used thoughtfully and in a sacred manner. Although I haven’t used any of these herbs for psychoactive purposes, I know we shouldn’t underestimate their power.

Source: Spirit Science

For centuries, humans have been taking psychedelic drugs for a multitude of reasons. The indigenous populations of the Amazon Basin used ayahuasca as part of ceremonial practices and have done so for so long that the exact origin is now unknown.

The earliest recorded growth and use of opium goes as far back as 3,400 B.C. Mushrooms have featured across several cultures for ritualistic and ceremonial purposes, especially in Siberia, thanks to their ability to transport the human mind beyond reality and onto astral planes.

Many plants with hallucinogenic properties have even been used for medicinal purposes – thought to bring with them healing powers.

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Source: 4 Hallucinogenic Herbs That Are Legal & In Your Garden

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