Finding your way in the “space between stories”

This story caught my eye, particularly because I am currently experiencing my own “space between the stories.”

I think Lissa Rankin captures the essence of what millions of people are feeling as they move from the world they knew to one they’re not yet done imagining. It’s a place where we need to simply allow the existence of deep uncertainty,  doubt and insecurity that crash over us in waves – knowing a new story is at hand.

The “Space Between Stories”

By Lissa Rankin, MD – guest writer for Wake Up World

Are you feeling lost? Uncertain? Adrift? 

This week, I experienced a trauma that collapsed my story of self, yet a new story has not yet emerged. Charles Eisenstein calls this “the space between stories.”

Many of us are in this space between stories right now, when you feel lost, ungrounded, dislocated, as if your roots have been pulled up and you’re not quite sure where to land. Everything you thought you knew — about yourself and the world — is now in question.

Even our systems — the medical system, our political systems, the education system, the banking system — they’re in the space between stories too. We know the old way is falling apart, yet the new way has not yet been born.

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Source: The “Space Between Stories”

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