Learn to see your own aura in minutes

This video takes the mystique out of seeing your own aura or the aura of someone else. While it may take some practice to tune into the auric energy with your eyes, anyone can do it. No clairvoyance required.

The article below talks about what the aura is and goes through each layer of the aura.

How to teach yourself to see your own aura

Source: Spirit Science 

At the heart of understanding ourselves as human beings, should be our aura. It is a topic that is often greeted with misplaced skepticism. Understanding your aura and how you can train yourself to see it is a fundamental part of understanding yourself.

What is an Aura?

An Aura is in its simplest terms the electromagnetic field that surrounds every living thing on the planet, from humans to plants.

It is an electromagnetic field that is quantifiable by scientific research. As human beings our aura is particularly complex with seven distinct layers each of which affects our moods, emotions, feelings, health and overall behaviour.

The Aura is considered to be a moment to moment physical, emotional and spiritual expression of our true self. The importance of your aura cannot be underestimated and understanding each individual layer and how it affects you is crucial.

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