About me

My ultimate truth is simple.

As divine souls, I am you. You are me. We are one.

Beyond that, I have an individual personality that I’ve cultivated for more than half a century on planet Earth.


In that time, I’ve had the privilege of traveling and living  overseas for extended periods in Jakarta, Indonesia, and London, England. Today, I live in the Southwest with a loving husband, two great kids (who are now home only sometimes) and three spoiled cats.

As a writer and creative director in advertising and marketing,  I’ve been fortunate to find a profession that helps fuel my creative expression to some degree.

Beyond that, I’m probably very much like you – a fellow spiritual traveler on the inevitable road to enlightenment. For me, it’s been an interesting journey to say the least.

I was born into this life as the daughter of a wide-eyed, all-too-trusting Mormon girl and a headstrong, somewhat neurotic Spanish jazz musician. Surprisingly, they made their relationship work for a number of years. But eventually, their vast differences caught up with them and they divorced soon after I was born.

When I came into this world, I was not a happy camper. To put it bluntly, I was pissed off. I’m not exactly sure what happened in the moments before my birth, but a clairvoyant I respect believed it was because of a reincarnation contract gone sideways. Like many things in life, though, I learned to make the best of it.

My spiritual search started early on

I’ve always known I was part of something much bigger than myself.  As an 11-year-old, I conducted my own search for truth to look for a religion that felt right. So I tried the Pentecostals. I tried the Methodists. I tried the Mormons. I tried the Southern Baptists. However, I refused to even consider Catholicism.

I simply couldn’t wrap my head around the need for confession. It didn’t make sense for there to be a spiritual intermediary between me and God. Even so, I have found some of their rituals to be quite beautiful. And their churches? Spectacular.


Despite my efforts, I came up empty-handed in finding a religious home for myself.

This was long before the Internet and the advent of the so-called New Age, so truth was rather hard to come by. Especially for a child.

Still, I was such an information hound that I always had my nose in a book, newspaper or magazine. Or I was happily roaming the tall stacks of books in the library. I even used to read the Yellow Pages, which made my mom chuckle whenever she caught me in the act.

Even though I grew up feeling loved, my upbringing was often painful and traumatic. This was mostly because of my mom’s dysfunctional relationships with men. Still,  I never lost my drive to create something beautiful in the world.

When the student is ready…

Over the years, I had an estranged, on-again, off-again relationship with my father. But there was one gift he gave me that I will always treasure: He shared his experience and knowledge of Paramahansa Yogananda, who he considers his guru.

Paramahansa Yogananda

At the age of 19, I started reading Autobiography of a Yogi and instantly recognized my deep connection with Yogananda. It was then that I knew what the next steps on my spiritual path would be: Raja and Kriya Yoga. In my 20s, I completed all the SRF lessons and qualified for initiation as a Kriya Yogi. But for some reason, I didn’t take it any further.

I wasn’t comfortable with the way many people idolized Yogananda and his lineage, treating him with almost God-like status. Don’t get me wrong. I experienced an immediate connection with Yogananda that has grown stronger with time. But I’ve always viewed him as an older, wiser brother and friend – someone for whom I have immense love and respect. Christ never wanted people to build a religion around him, either, and I’m quite sure Yogananda felt the same.

Despite my reluctance to proceed, I received my “initiation” from Yogananda anyway.

When I was 28, I experienced an amazing spiritual vision. I suddenly found myself in a large group of people, all dressed in white, flowing robes. Across from us was a line of spiritual masters, one of whom I recognized as Yogananda.


I can still feel the incredible bliss that came over me when he touched my third eye and my body fell away instantly. In that instant, every question I ever had was answered. I was in a sea of unity and serenity – and I never wanted to leave. Yet I knew I would have to come back to “reality.” When I found myself back in my own bed, tears ran down my face. It was a beautiful and crushing experience, all at the same time. But now, I knew what I was aiming for.

In the years the followed, I continued down the yogic path, practicing prayer and meditation as much as possible. To be honest, it was a painful process since I found it darn near impossible to sit still and focus my mind for more than a few minutes at a time. Yet I continued to work toward that goal.

That’s when it happened…

My mind was blown wide open

I was living in LA during the mid- to late-90s and was visiting some old friends in Phoenix one weekend. One of my friends had told me there was an energy healer there that I just had to see. Not having had much experience in this realm, I agreed to go. Weirdly, the night before my early morning appointment, I couldn’t sleep a wink all night – and I don’t typically have insomnia.

The next morning, I met Sara. You can learn more about her at:

Sara Chapin


Little did I know my life was about to change in a big way.

Based on what my friend had told me, I believed Sara could potentially dig up some very painful childhood memories, so I was prepared. She did touch on these areas, but she went on to tell me much more.

She noted that the color of my eighth chakra was magenta. (I thought that was pretty cool and now use it as my screen name.) Then she told me I was ready to ascend and that I was an alchemist.

What the heck is an alchemist?

Other than the scientific meaning, I had no idea. Until then, I had purposely kept those crazy New Age teachings at arm’s length. Little did I know what was coming.

Alchemyst_Nicholas_FlamelSara went on to tell me that I had come to earth as a volunteer long ago from a much more advanced world. (So if I hadn’t raised my hand…was she telling me I’d still be in paradise? Crap.) But alas, backing away from a challenge is not in my nature.

During this time, she was also clearing my chakras one at a time. When she started with the first chakra, I remember seeing the corresponding color in my third eye. This happened with each of them. I later realized the colors I had seen lined up perfectly with the chakra color charts.

Afterward, I thought the experience had been pretty cool. But before I arrived back home in LA, an even more mind-blowing experience began.

The energies quickly became intense

A ton of spiritual energy began to pour down into my crown chakra.

It went all the way to the bottom of my spine – and back up. Again and again. My body was buzzing with an intense, new energy I had never experienced before. I knew about kundalini, but that was my only point of reference.

This was a wonderful time of self-discovery and reflection as I was challenged with putting the pieces together – both the spiritual and scientific ones – and make sense of the bigger picture.


I began to contemplate the possibility of physical ascension, which I found fascinating.  This and other new information came into my awareness in some very interesting ways. At that point, some of the crazy, New Age ideas I had laughed about didn’t seem so far-fetched. With each new piece of information I uncovered, I either quickly knew it was true from the core of my being or I would cast it aside and move on.

I also found that I could reach a high meditative state with little or no effort. It’s as if I had finally been plugged into a higher energy source.

As I learned at my next session with Sara, that’s exactly what had happened. I discovered my axiatonal lines had been reconnected. Hence, the immense energy rush and indescribable feelings of joy that washed over me for many months afterward. During that time, my husband joked that he had married a 60s flower child. (Yes, I was really that blissed out!)

Since then, I’ve had many more remarkable experiences and I plan on sharing many of them on my blog. I look forward to hearing about your experiences as well.




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