It’s time to transform our communities

The article below describes where I believe our society and communities are heading – and this change could happen a lot sooner than people may think. I mean, just look around. How much longer will the 99% continue to tolerate being enslaved by the 1%? How much starvation, greed, violence and senseless killings need to occur before we wake up and say, “No more!”?

Private cities and freedom cells are just a few of the solutions being discussed. I see a lot of crossover with the Ubuntu movement associated with Michael Tellinger, too. If you’re not familiar with contributionism, this short video is a wonderful introduction:

In the not-too-distant future, more spiritually based communities will emerge to take the place of our failed cities and towns. With so much suffering throughout the world, this new way of life can’t arrive soon enough.

We are at the precipice of change. And it’s time to plant these seeds of transformation and take a leap of faith toward unity consciousness.

Private cities, freedom cells, free communities are the solution to hegemony

By Regan Keely – Era of Wisdom

We live in a world where an increasing number of people are beginning to tire of being robbed, bullied and patronized by the political class. Time and time again, we watch our government (and governments around the world) act in ways that do not benefit the people, but violate them.

Governments and their counterparts are systems that are not only savagely destructive and corrupt in nature, but also very inefficient and wasteful. It has become transparent that government has prevented human freedom at nearly every facet of life, leading to the annihilation of many civil liberties. As time goes on, it seems these inexpediences will not improve, but only get more destructive and inefficient.

Yet, there are many good people willing to organize and work hard towards their freedom, and the freedom of others. With the creative intelligence and innovation of humans, there ARE solutions. One of the most feasible solutions, something that is happening right now, is the creation of private cities, startup societies, special economic zones (SEZs), micro-nations, etc. Let us examine why I believe these startup societies to be the future for evolved economic and political systems based completely on voluntaryist principles.

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