Cobra announces weekly ascension meditation

Personally, I’m feeling the need to meditate a lot more these days, not just to keep my own balance, but to help balance the wild and crazy energies on the planet. If you feel called to join this meditation or do your own version of it, I encourage you  to do so. Every one of us is an integral part of this shift – and we all need to pull together on this. Blessings!


It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are upgrading our Weekly Event Meditation and transforming it into Weekly Ascension Meditation to reach as many people as possible to join us.
Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on YouTube.
Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event closer to us:
This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to strengthen the Light grid which is needed to speed up the process of Ascension. Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up process.
We are now shifting our mediation to 4 pm GMT each Sunday to allow people in Asia to meditate together with us. We are always doing this meditation at 4 pm GMT each Sunday, regardless of winter / summer time. You can convert 4 pm GMT to your local time zone here:
Or here:
1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness
2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of Ascenison for planet Earth and its inhabitants
3. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all points of Light inside our Solar System and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.
4. Now visualize this Light as a rainbow vortex, expanding throughout the whole Earth and then throughout the whole Solar System, removing all darkness and anomaly, dissolving the Matrix and bringing happiness, abundance, peace and love to all beings inside our Solar system.
5.Visualize full disclosure and massive information releases about the extraterrestrial presence and secret space programs through the mass media. Visualize the creation of the new fair financial system for everybody. Visualize the First Contact with bene volent ET races. Visualize the Event taking place, finally liberating planet Earth.
Victory of the Light!

It’s time to transform our communities

The article below describes where I believe our society and communities are heading – and this change could happen a lot sooner than people may think. I mean, just look around. How much longer will the 99% continue to tolerate being enslaved by the 1%? How much starvation, greed, violence and senseless killings need to occur before we wake up and say, “No more!”?

Private cities and freedom cells are just a few of the solutions being discussed. I see a lot of crossover with the Ubuntu movement associated with Michael Tellinger, too. If you’re not familiar with contributionism, this short video is a wonderful introduction:

In the not-too-distant future, more spiritually based communities will emerge to take the place of our failed cities and towns. With so much suffering throughout the world, this new way of life can’t arrive soon enough.

We are at the precipice of change. And it’s time to plant these seeds of transformation and take a leap of faith toward unity consciousness.

Private cities, freedom cells, free communities are the solution to hegemony

By Regan Keely – Era of Wisdom

We live in a world where an increasing number of people are beginning to tire of being robbed, bullied and patronized by the political class. Time and time again, we watch our government (and governments around the world) act in ways that do not benefit the people, but violate them.

Governments and their counterparts are systems that are not only savagely destructive and corrupt in nature, but also very inefficient and wasteful. It has become transparent that government has prevented human freedom at nearly every facet of life, leading to the annihilation of many civil liberties. As time goes on, it seems these inexpediences will not improve, but only get more destructive and inefficient.

Yet, there are many good people willing to organize and work hard towards their freedom, and the freedom of others. With the creative intelligence and innovation of humans, there ARE solutions. One of the most feasible solutions, something that is happening right now, is the creation of private cities, startup societies, special economic zones (SEZs), micro-nations, etc. Let us examine why I believe these startup societies to be the future for evolved economic and political systems based completely on voluntaryist principles.

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Ascension Mysteries: the video behind the book


AT LAST! Enjoy our epic new, two-hour YouTube video investigation into The Ascension Mysteries — revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil.

The so-called New World Order consider themselves to be the descendants of extraterrestrial humans who crash-landed to Earth some 55,000 years ago.

They were giants with elongated skulls who set up control systems and “royal bloodlines” all over the earth. They are the “Fallen Angels” from ancient texts.

Even after multiple events wiped them out, they are still here. This information is some of the most jealously guarded data in the classified world.

Watch David combine never-before-seen insider testimony with surprising scientific evidence of giants and giant skeletons that were once widely seen on Earth.

If all of this story is true — and it does appear to be thanks to multiple insiders’ testimonies — it is perhaps the single greatest cover-up in Earth’s history.

Don’t miss this epic investigation — and be sure to spread the word to people you know!

Even those who are heavily entrained by the mainstream view are finding the final 45 minutes of the video undeniably compelling due to the proof David offers.

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How mindfulness changes your brain for the better


Mindfulness is more effective than anxiety medications.

Ever since I started practicing yoga and meditation many moons ago, I have been aware of how mindfulness is able to shift one’s perspective. As I discovered, being fully in the now can ease anxiety and create a remarkable sense of inner peace.

By Michael Forrester

Mindfulness-based teachings have shown benefits in everything from inflammatory disorders to central nervous system dysfunction and even cancer. Now, researchers are studying how cognitive therapy utilizing mindfulness techniques can serve as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals for people with anxiety disorders.

Mindfulness is “the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment”, which can be trained by a large extent in meditation practices.

Anxiety disorders are among the most common psychiatric conditions affecting children and adolescents. While antidepressants are frequently used to treat youth with anxiety disorders, they may be poorly tolerated in children who are at high risk of developing bipolar disorder. Moreover, many antidepressants cannot be metabolized by segments of the population due to deficiencies in metabolic pathways such as Cytochrome 450.

When it comes to treating depression and anxiety disorders, what’s better than brain-altering pharmaceutical meds? According to current research, mindfulness.

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Source: Wake Up World

July monthly update interview with Cobra

Here is the July monthly update Cobra interview by Prepare for Change. The transcript and the audio version are available here:

You can submit your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.

Answered questions from past interviews are nicely gathered here:

Victory of the Light!


Laura Eisenhower interviews Adam Apollo

I wasn’t familiar with Adam Apollo Amorastreya before I saw this, but found Laura Eisenhower’s interview with him to be fascinating. They talk about a variety of subjects, including how to transition to a society focused on unity and galactic consciousness.

Apparently, he has been a youth ambassador as part of White House and United Nations’ initiatives. Very interesting… I’d love to hear what others think, too.

7 stumbling blocks on the road to higher consciousness


I found this article to be very helpful and motivating, even though I don’t agree with every point.

Around the idea of working a 9-to-5 job, Rose says it’s better to be “on the street” than to be in a worldly job. I couldn’t disagree more as I think even more of your energy would be taken up just trying to find your next meal and place to sleep. If you have a family like me, I think intentionally putting them in danger in that way would be unthinkable.

I believe there’s a third alternative: Focus on finding work or training for work that’s a better reflection of your soul purpose while creating an employment situation where a job won’t take up as much of your time, enabling you to pursue your spiritual interests. The difficult part is consciously choosing a path that may not compensate you as well, but that will allow you to express who you truly are in today’s world.

By Julian Rose

The purpose of Life is to Live! But upon arrival on this Earth, it quickly becomes apparent that this is not the agenda. Ninety-nine percent of what’s going on here is not about enhancing human creative potential, but about suppressing it.

It’s about stepping onto an invisible ladder whose rungs form the seemingly inviolable rules of a stagnant, pyramid posturing status quo. A status quo that has almost nothing to do with growing, but a lot to do with decaying. With becoming a well-adapted slave in a world whose task masters are kings of a two-dimensional sub-reality.

That reality consists of a monotonous fixation on the acquisition of power, money, prestige and preeminence. A world in which a quite deadly lack of awareness remains the prevailing condition; ruthlessly maintained by a small cabal in whose interests it is to keep things exactly as they are, lest some unguarded rebellion should dislodge them from their imperious, sterile thrones.

However, the life force is strong. It cannot and will not tolerate eternal repression. Wherever fissures appear in the status quo, it bubbles up and declares itself to be the messenger of truth. “This is our World. We are breaking free and shining a light on the path to be manifest.”

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How to tell if you’re enlightened


This is a great article on how you can determine whether or not you’re an enlightened being. Hint: If you have to ask, you’re probably not.

From my perspective, enlightenment isn’t something that suddenly happens; it’s an awareness that unfolds. Slowly. Sometimes painfully so. I’m looking forward to the day I don’t have to even entertain the question of whether or not I’ve become enlightened; I’ll just know.

Until then, I’ll continue to do the inner work and increase my awareness bit by bit. Every day. For as long as it takes.

How I know for sure I am not yet enlightened

Christina Sarich, Staff Writer
Waking Times

The longer we work on freeing ourselves from the erroneous belief that we are separate from all we see, the trickster nature of the ego becomes more subtle. In the yogic tradition the delicate but shrewd play of three primordial energies, or Prakriti, form what are called the three gunas. I know for sure I am not yet enlightened because, of the three, one is always predominant: tamas (darkness or inertia), rajas (activity or change), or sattva (beingness or joy).

One might mistakenly assume that if my mind were in a state of sattva or ‘joy’ all the time, that then would be enlightenment, but that’s the sticky, tricky thing about the play of maya. Our consciousness is not the perceptions we have of the world, but a ‘backdrop’ of infinite possibility before anything ever manifests as experience, or thought – as things, people, or circumstances we experience.

Most of us, anyhow, can only maintain a state of sattva for a brief period of time, then our highly unstable, monkey mind will go back to being busy, and agitated, or lethargic as if we’re inebriated.

If I step in a pile of dog poo in the grass outside and call it ‘bad’ or I smell a beautiful magnolia blossom and call it ‘good,’ these are exactly the same type of experience as far as obtaining the Ultimate Wisdom. They are both just illusions of the mind. Mind is not Consciousness. It is, in fact, notorious for distorting it.

“When one rises above the three gunas that originate in the body; one is freed from birth, old age, disease, and death; and attains enlightenment” (Bhagavad Gita 14.20).

The trickster (ego) is an alchemist that creates our experience of duality in time and space. . . and even our ‘good’ experience is fodder for the awakening mind. On other occasions, the mind becomes lazy, and doesn’t seem to ‘care’ but it is not actively engaged with the world, nor the creation of a better one, while being fully present.

In Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s book, Four Chapters on Freedom, he states that ignorance leads to egoism such that, “people falsely identify with their min-body; this produces a strong sense of individuality. We then try to impose our selfish will on others for out own selfish gain.” This leads us to the cycle of aversion and attachment, likes or dislikes, which keep us caught in a causal chain of unhappiness.

This does not mean that we lose discernment, and that we should not call attention to the wrongs we see in the world. This would be equal folly on our path to a higher mind; however, we do not lose our equilibrium when something ‘good’ or ‘bad’ happens. We simply observe it, without reacting, and make a choice based on Truth, not an altered perspective of Truth.

The Mandukya Upanishad outlines this very specifically. It states that there are three dimensions of consciousness – of the atman before it merges with the paramatman, or essence of all that is eternal and Absolute.

Zen Buddhism explains the same mistakes of the awakening mind. When we are caught in dualism, we assume that seeming real divisions, or actual separations in reality; or the existence of independent dharmas (things, people, entities, instances, events, etc.) define reality. They do not. These things are only representations of the Absolute, which only a clear mind can apprehend. Or really, ‘No Mind’, or ‘Original Mind’ as the sages have called it.

As Swami Satyananda Saraswati explains, the self, or soul, is bound to make all kinds of mistakes when it is not abiding in its True Nature. We simply super-impose our mind-chatter or chitta on the Universe as it truly exists. We start to identify so completely with the actors in the movie we are watching, even taking on their emotional states, all the while forgetting that the images we see are only projections on a screen.

Swami Krishnananda states:

“Chant Om, and entertain this feeling in your mind for even five minutes continuously, and record your experience in your diary, and tell me whether it has made any difference to you or not. Definitely, it will make a difference, and if God blesses you with the time and patience necessary to do this practice for even half an hour daily, you should regard yourself as a thrice-blessed seeker.The world enters you; and where is the world, then, to agitate you! Samsāra is a network of agitations, and all these are like currents of rivers rushing into your universal being. You have swallowed them up in the bosom of universality; and the roar of the river ceases when it enters the calmness of the ocean. The vexations of the world cease when they enter the solemn existence of your universality.”

When the mind is constantly aware that mind-stuff is altering its perceptions, ironically, it can abide in joy, because it never forgets that what it is watching is NOT the essence of consciousness. This is nirvana, and it is the birthright of us all. I’m not constantly aware of the projections, but I’m working on it. Are you?

About the Author

Christina Sarich is a staff writer for Waking Times. She is a writer, musician, yogi, and humanitarian with an expansive repertoire. Her thousands of articles can be found all over the Internet, and her insights also appear in magazines as diverse as Weston A. Price, NexusAtlantis Rising, and the Cuyamungue Institute, among others. She was recently a featured author in the Journal, “Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and Healing Arts,” and her commentary on healing, ascension, and human potential inform a large body of the alternative news lexicon. She has been invited to appear on numerous radio shows, including Health Conspiracy Radio, Dr. Gregory Smith’s Show, and dozens more. The second edition of her book, Pharma Sutra, will be released soon.

Cobra: Taiwan Ascension Conference Report

Taiwan Ascension Conference Report

Our Ascension conference was taking place in Taipei, the home base of many positive Dragon groups. The Blue, the White and the Black were together with us at the conference and the Plum were aware of our presence.
Our group was strong and focused and our physical and non-physical support team was more effective than ever and a certain breakthrough happened on the non-physical planes which indicates that the Veil will disintegrate “soon.”

The opening in the Veil can be seen energetically on this picture of pink sky in Taipei which was taken a few days after the conference:

A certain cycle was completed and we are entering the next phase of the Breakthrough process where things will escalate towards the Compression Breakthrough. More intel about this will be released in the near future, as will intel about surrender negotiations.

Just a few hours before the beginning of the conference, a military coup happened in Turkey. The coup was carried out by the Positive Military in Turkey against Erdogan and was crushed by the US negative military faction as instructed by their Khazarian/Jesuit commanders. Although the coup failed, it has elevated the geopolitical endgame to a totally new level that will lead towards the recognition of the factions that destabilize the Middle East. This will lead to resolution of all military conflicts worldwide and towards planetary peace at the moment of the Compression Breakthrough.

This is what I have received on the day after the coup about the situation in Turkey from a reliable intel source from Middle East:

“The coup was carried out by 60% of the Turkish army, including staff of the air force and even the reserve soldiers came out to the streets to support their colleagues against the dictatorship of Erdogan.

The army tanks entered to the streets in Ankara and Istanbul, the largest Turkish cities, flying army helicopters carrying army personnel taking command of vital infrastructure centers to control them and that was successfully accomplished. Successful control of the TV broadcast building, Ataturk International Airport and the houses of Parliament and the Presidential Palace where Erdogan was, who was taken by military helicopter to the Ankara international airport where he asked to leave the country immediately.

Erdogan approved the demands of the coup leaders under condition of preservation of his life and the lives of his family and he was granted this condition. Then he recorded a Skype voice message on board of the airplane asking supporters of his efforts to go out to the streets to stop this coup ..

No one went out to the streets during the wee hours of the coup and the scene was blurry, those supporting this coup were by the thousands marching next to army tanks greeting the soldiers raising the banner of Turkey and referring to the founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Ataturk.

What happened after?

Erdogan flew from Ankara airport out of the country and he asked for asylum to Germany but Germany refused, then to Azerbaijan which closed its borders and so did Iran in the face of Erdogan.

Erdogan had no choice but to return.  A phone call between Obama and Erdogan took place in the plane as stated in the Washington Post, and he asked and was given permission to land in Incirlik US military base in the south of Turkey.

Moments after that, 12 unknown F-16 aircraft in the skies of Ankara and Istanbul intercepted and shot down 25 helicopters of the Turkish army, carrying soldiers and some leaders who were on their way to control the vital centers in the country, and a real war took place in the air between US Air Force and helicopters of the Turkish army… shot down all the Turkish army helicopters and killed most of the soldiers and their number reached more than 800 soldiers and 50 officers… communique from the CIA, demanding them to surrender and stop the coup otherwise they will crush all the Turkish soldiers on the border and in the streets through aerial attack.

The leaders of the coup had no chance but to stop the coup d’état and ordered the soldiers to withdraw from the streets and end the coup.

Do you understand now why many American bases in any country? It Is to prevent what was going to happen last night in Turkey, it’s the same thing in the Gulf states of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE, all surrounded by the rules of the US military to prevent a coup.

You can find a video on YouTube showing the attack on the helicopters of the Turkish air force and them dropping like flies … more than 24 helicopters loaded with officers and soldiers were shot down in the blink of an eye.

Had it not been for America… Erdogan today would have been a refugee in one of the countries, that is if he was accepted for asylum by any country. If successful, the coup would have ended the suffering of millions of Syrians and Iraqis with terrorism and arms that come from Turkey… just ended the terror of Daesh in the region … stopped the migration of peoples affected by the policy of Erdogan and those who drown in the sea trying to escape it … would have found the leaders of Daesh and al-Nusra themselves detained in Turkey …all this would have happened if the coup succeeded yesterday… but this is not in the best interest of America and the interest of its policies in the region.”

Source: The Portal

Bless your stress: the power of smudging

I frequently use white sage and other herbs to assist in space clearing. Not only does it help lift my mood, it significantly lightens the energy of the area you’re smudging.

Depending on your objective, there are a number of other herbs you can use, several of which are mentioned in the article below.

Source: Spirit Science

Smudging originates in Native American practices, as the act of purifying a room or space with the smoke of sacred herbs as a means of clearing negative energy. But, smudging isn’t only for spaces; it’s also about clearing your body, mind, and spirit to rid of any negativity or pessimism that are compromising your energy and well-being.


Smudging is scientifically-proven to release negative ions to which research has proven to be linked to release positive mood receptors in humans. By burning healing herbs and wafting the incense-like smoke around, it’s believed to encourage feelings of wellness and positivity.


The science of smudging is strong, with healers and experts alike asserting that positive ions, and their byproduct, free radicals, in the air are unhealthy and polluting to the human body, mind and spirit.

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Source: The Power of Smudging: The Different Types of Blessing Herbs & Their Healing Properties