John Lennon’s Message To You: “The World Is Run By Insane People” (Video)

Openhearted Rebellion

By Joe Martino, Collective Evolution

The war on terror, economic disasters, racial wars, big pharma and food quality/modification. When you look at our world today you have to wonder how we got here.

It was in my later years of high school that I began to feel relief about something that bothered me for a long time: I started to realize how the world really works.

Now at 29 years old, I’ve interviewed, met with and worked with many of the top researchers in the field of truth seeking and several conclusions are clear, but one more than others: our world is run by psychopaths.

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How mindfulness changes your brain for the better


Mindfulness is more effective than anxiety medications.

Ever since I started practicing yoga and meditation many moons ago, I have been aware of how mindfulness is able to shift one’s perspective. As I discovered, being fully in the now can ease anxiety and create a remarkable sense of inner peace.

By Michael Forrester

Mindfulness-based teachings have shown benefits in everything from inflammatory disorders to central nervous system dysfunction and even cancer. Now, researchers are studying how cognitive therapy utilizing mindfulness techniques can serve as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals for people with anxiety disorders.

Mindfulness is “the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment”, which can be trained by a large extent in meditation practices.

Anxiety disorders are among the most common psychiatric conditions affecting children and adolescents. While antidepressants are frequently used to treat youth with anxiety disorders, they may be poorly tolerated in children who are at high risk of developing bipolar disorder. Moreover, many antidepressants cannot be metabolized by segments of the population due to deficiencies in metabolic pathways such as Cytochrome 450.

When it comes to treating depression and anxiety disorders, what’s better than brain-altering pharmaceutical meds? According to current research, mindfulness.

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Source: Wake Up World

2 gigantic underwater crystal pyramids found

Images of the two crystal pyramids found in the Bermuda Triangle

With the use of sonar, oceanographer Dr. Meyer Verlag discovered two giant glass pyramids at a depth of two thousand meters.

With the use of other devices, scientists have determined that these glass giants are both made of a crystal-like substance and are nearly three times bigger than the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

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Hyperdimensional interference & you

As you evolve spiritually, it’s important to be aware of outside negative influences that can prevent you from achieving your goals. The more committed you become to your path, the more interference you’re likely to attract.

This discussion delves into these and other issues and why spiritual discernment is key. The webinar panel features Eve Lorgen, Tom Montalk, Carissa Conti, Laura Leon, Bernhard Guenther and James Bartley.

If you haven’t already acquainted yourself with the concept of hyperdimensional interference, I encourage you to take some time to listen to this important information.